"Odemin Collection"

"Odemin" (o-de-min) In the Ojibwe Language means, Strawberry.

Indigenous peoples of North America have catagorized the strawberry as an important food and medicine. It's also called the "Love Berry", for its familiar shape of a heart. 

The Ojibwe culture celebrates the fruit as a woman's medicine. The berry is used as the foundation to commemorate the transition from little girl to passage of womanhood. The year long berry fast begins when the little girl gets her first moon time (menstrual cycle). During this time she draws in teachings from the women around her who teach her the valuable lessons of womanhood. It entails community participation involving unity by family and friends.  She learns sustainability, traditions and culture. The year end celebration consists of her "coming out" a feast of berries she's collected, a blanket gifted from her kukom (grandmother) and hand made gifts to all who attend.

It's a beautiful tradition of honor, respect and humility.

Our Tribute

To pay respect to the strawberry teaching we decided to designate a specific design to honor the berry. 

This signature style was delicately hand painted with intricate percision on rawhide, beaded with micro beads including 24K gold beads and embellished with metal high-grade iridescent rhinestone banding. We truly hope you love the One-Of-A-Kind Odemin Collection we customized just for you.

Launch Date August 15, 2020


We are a 100% Owned and Operated Female Indigenous business. We take pride in merging todays trends with a unique touch of our traditional ways of intricate custom beadwork and tailored sewing.


As a young girl growing up on a northern reservation in Ontario Canada, our families lived off the land. I was blessed to witness and partake in using elements from the environment around us to create items we needed and desired. Now that I am woman with my own family living in a very diverse environment raising my children, I do my part in keeping my traditions alive. This part of my childhood has been the motivator to many of the designs I take pride in.  You'll see a range of natural items from, antler, rawhide, leather, horse hair, sweetgrass, birchbark and shell. I truly enjoy embracing the usage of these products, not only does it warm my heart with fond memories of my childhood, but it adds a unique custom design unknown to most of the world. 


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