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Where Trend - Meets Tradition 
An Authentic Indigenous Stylist

Boozhoo (boo-shoo) Hello

Wabanoonkwe is the Owner and Designer of House of Beauty by Wabanoonkwe. The meaning of her name is "Early Morning Spirit Woman, the one who greets the sun as it rises" She is a mother, sister, aunty and wife. Wabanoonkwe comes from a strong blood line of rich culture and deeply rooted traditions. She is a proud Anishinabekwe from the Ojibwe Tribe of Treaty 3, located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. During the summer her and her daughters dance Jingle at pow-wows, they attend traditional Midewin Ceremonies and celebrate the season changes with the other members by harvesting food and medicines for the community. 

Originally, Wabanoonkwe had desires of be an officer, upon high school graduation she attended the Police Academy only to learn that it wasn't her calling. Being an entrepreneur was what spoke to her heart. She started her first company at the age of 17, a very successful clothing line, Dinawo. From there she went on to create many other start ups. Her commitment to hard work and determination lead her to travel overseas, collaborate with designers world wide and to experience cultures on an International level. As a designer, her goal was to create a platform to showcase Indigenous Culture, Indigenous Fashion and to teach the world our way of life through custom design.  

Wabanoonkwes work can be found at:

Beyond Bucksin 

Native Max Magazine

Urban Native Mag



NAMW 2013

Seven Generations Series

Star Pheonix

Glamour Magazine

Men's Health Magazine

DC Swim Week 2016-2018

Native America Calling

L'oreal Women Rule Summit 2018

New York Fashion Week 2017-2019,






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