Welcome to the Boutique!

I truly hope that you feel the Love and Passion that was placed in every bead and stitch.

I pray that my custom art brings you happiness and share many journeys with you! These statement pieces were designed with longevity in mind, they will last years with proper care......

Care Instructions & Shipping Policy:

All items are not waterproof or water resistant

Do Not store jewelry in direct sun for long periods of time or keep in extreme cold weather 

We highly suggest that items are handled with the utmost care 

Processing Orders: Please allow 2-3 days to process orders for shipping

Shipping within United States 3-4 days (sent priority unless otherwise specified)

Shipping to Canada 7-15 business days (first class unless otherwise specified)

Shipping overseas 7-20 business days

We are not held accountable for items held at Customs & Immigration or for Duty Fees 


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House of Beauty by Wabanoonkwe

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